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Transfagdyke Manifiesto (english)

1. We combat all forms of sexist, homophobic, lesbophobic, biphobic, and transphobic violence in all spheres: institutional, laboral, educational, and penitentiary. We combat it on a national and international level, because transfagdyke-phobic violence continues to be present, whether hidden or visible, in all strata of Spanish society. This violence pervades the majority of countries in the world.
2. We defend the elimination of transexuality from illness manuals (DSM-V and CIE-11) in their forthcoming updated editions. We demand the elimination of the requisite “gender dysphoria” diagonosis in order to change one’s legal name or sex, as well as the access for immigrants and underaged people to the protocols of sex and name change. We demanduniversal access to healthcare for trans persons from a perspective of liberty, awareness, and autonomy. We advocate the right to identify as neither man nor woman. We believe that the divulgence of one’s sex should not be obligatory on offical documents. We demand the elimination of medical protocols that impose binary normalization on trans persons and intersexual persons (such as the real life test, genital normalization surgery, etc.).
3. We denounce the instrumentalization of certain LGBT associations and federations on the part of political parties and the business world, which domesticates our political struggle and results in a lack of representation of sexual diversity.
4. We combat the stigma against prostitution and defend voluntary sex work as a job, with the recognition of laboral and social rights for all the workers who desire it, favoring the regularization of migrant persons who dedicate themselves to sex work. We combat all forms of abuse, violence, and exploitation associated with this form of work.
5. We demand respect for the right to migrate and claim asylum status due to sexual orientation or gender, eliminating all the existing obstacles to doing so. We advocate theabolition of CIEs, and denounce the abuses against transfagdyke persons who are admitted to them.
6. We defend the recognition of the many forms of relationship that transcend the traditional models of monogamy and the nuclear family. We denounce the exclusive privileges afforded to matrimony, to the detriment of other types of relationships.
7. We demand the right to a public sexuality that is not articulated in terms of prohibitions, secrets, and taboos; that is not condemned to the closet of intimacy; and that is incorporated into all spheres of society as a topic of debate.
8. We demand that a plural, integral sexual education be incorporated into the educational system. We demand effective measures to prevent homophobic and transphobic bullying.
9. We denounce the commodification of non-normative sexualities, which are recognized only through consumption (pink capitalism). We position ourselves as transfagdykebiqueer anticapitalists.
10. We demand an end to the public funding of religious and political entities that develop sexist, homophobic, lesbophobic, biphobic, and transphobic politics. We demand the immediate revocation of any public office that perpuates transfagdykebi phobias or incites hatred.
11. We denounce the media’s tendentious and reducctionistic representation of non-normative sexualities.
12. We demand the guarantee of reproductive rights for lesbian women, single persons, and trans persons. We demand the right to family and the recognition of filiation regardless of one’s marital status or biology.
13. We demand an integral approach to the treatment of HIV and emphasize the need to open debate regarding the abuses of the pharmaceutical industry. We demand research and prevention with consideration of the specificities of women’s bodies, non-normative bodies, and trans bodies.
14. As precarious bodies and identities, we denounce the brutality of capitalism, which intensifies discrimination in the laboral market towards women, trans persons, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, etc.

We encourage rebellion of bodies. We place our bodies and pleasures    above the logic of the market.
 Transfagdyke Assembly
Madrid, 4th June 2011

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